Y Timber

Beautiful, Multi-Functional & Really Green

Architectural Design Arch. Alessandro Zuanni | Structural Design Ing. Franco Piva

Y Timber is the new project launched by Innovhousing in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela University of George, South Africa, in 2019.

Y Timber’s purpose is to create a new style of green living, in a multifunctional, dynamic space, to shed light on the sustainability and advantages of CLT buildings.

Our way of designing, sourcing and building responds to ecological standard and the principle of circular economy, and is in line with the Innovhousing mission of creating buildings that harmonise with nature.



 Show wood construction potential & iconic building

Provide a wood architectural experience


Environmental (Orientation, Photovoltaic, Thermal & Energy, Water, Transport…)

Lifecyle (Materials, functions…)

Economical (Functional flexibility)

Social (Local materials and local workers)

Mixité = Lively building

Become a natural incubator for public life