The Roofing System

The roof is one of the most critical part of a building. InnovHousing has designed several insulation layers to ensure the best thermal ratio assessing climate condition for every building. The roof top has to be designed taking into account the external weather events (rain, wind, solar heat, snow), the role of the maintenance, the installation speed and especially its complete waterproofing system.

InnovHousing in cooperation with an Italian company has found the ultimate solution: a metal sheet hooked up to the roof structure without drilling a hole on its surface.
Because of a pressured snap-in joint system, the edges of the plates are closed and sealed, therefore any drilling operation and clip installation become unnecessary.

InnovHousing metal roofings provide also a highly customizable, according to construction requirements, with different accessories, coatings and special processes to ensure efficiency and a resistance to the roof like no other.