Y Timber


On the North side, close to the main entrance, there is a service and leisure area.
Moving South, we find a connection area from which two branches depart. The first, heading West, hosts various activities (meeting rooms or small conference spaces), while the second one, the more elongated, facing East, plays a more stable role as a “co working” space.

  Noticeably the connection area becomes a pivotal joint that plays a vital role in the activities that involve the use of both branches.


The building, as expressed by the client’s guidelines, must act as a magnet and shed light on the potential of Mass-Timber technology.

This is how the name of our project was established: Y Timber, or “Why Timber?” Our project was designed for you to understand the advantages of Timber and its multifaceted functionalities in order for you to be able to experience first hand the answer to the question.

 For this reason, Y Timber won’t be of exclusive use of the Campus activities but will also be open to the public. Functions and purposes are designed to consistently go hand in hand with each other, to create curiosity. This way the public is encouraged to access the space and engage with its innovative features. The overall surface, an area of about three hundred and fifty square meters, will be fitting and compatible to the building and its functions and will also allow for future expansion, as designed in the original plan.