Our Services

Project consultancy

Our Project Consultancy consists in:


    • Identifying and meeting the client and its related stakeholders (owner, user)
      in order to map the interests in the project
    • Arranging a stakeholders’ analysis to identify the value
      and its perception by focusing on customer’s needs
    • Providing several design solutions
    • Defining the proper definitive solution
    • Signing the contract: establishing and agreeing “the point of no return”



Supply chain

Removing unnecessary processes lies at the base of  “make or buy” decisions.
In this respect supply chain is the development of such concept.
InnovHousing’s supply chain is a network of:






all involved to interact in a synchronized delivery of a building


InnovHousing’s construction system is made possible through a continuous interaction with the supply chain, where all the materials are designed and pre-manufactured following exactly the features required by the analytical specification of the original design by using:
  • an interactive software taken by the whole supply chain members, where data can be extracted, exchanged or networked to support precise activities regarding the process of each building
  • off-site manufacturing process to minimize timeframe and waste on site
  • an efficient logistic system to bring on site only what is needed at the time needed


Innovhousing delivering process is about on site tasks in erecting a building. It is the culmination of all the activities planned and made earlier.
We call it the assembling, or more in details the sequence of the following operations:

on site preparation

fundation construction

on site planned material delivery sequence

installation of all the elements by a team of professionals

delivery of the building’s key to the client