Our Team

Teamwork is a strategic decision.

 A team is not just about getting on well together, it combines individual strengths and skills with a shared commitment to performance.

Innovhousing choice was to aim at the most qualified people who had the same vision and giving them the opportunity to work together.
This is the only way for us to create a unique value proposition.


Founder & CEO

Eugenio decided to leave his previous position as a CEO of a European stainless steel company to found InnovHousing and to apply his knowledge to challenge the status quo in the South African construction industry. His vision is to innovate the local market thanks to the latest European technology and by implementing new efficiency standards of well being. Eugenio is the mastermind of the Y Timber project at George Campus in partnership with the Nelson Mandela University.


Structural Engineer

Franco is a structural engineer and the owner of Ergodomus Timber Engineering.

He has been working for over 15 years in the design of wooden structures, taking care of all the various aspects: from static to technical physics, to  three-dimensional construction projects, including also, CNC cutting machines’ analytic programming . Over the years he has become an international point of reference in wood design. Franco is a committed  supporter of constant innovation; that carries out out numerous research and development projects for continuous improvement in wood construction. He is also quite active in promoting every aspect in wood technology, being a regular participant at worldwide conferences and seminars.

Franco is also involved in several post-earthquake reconstruction projects in Emilia. He is a technical physics, airtight and wood construction lecturer at CasaClima.

He is a published autor of two books on wood construction; and a third and latest book is now being published in both Italian and English.


Wood Conoisseur and Assembler

Costantin Tistea is a great wood connoisseur. Ever since he was a child he smelled the scent of wood then wood itself became his most trusted workmate. “Costy” is widely considered to be one of the best assemblers in wooden constructions worldwide. Costy and his team are known from structural designers and contractors for the perfect execution of CLT projects. Key of his success are a very close relationship with designers and the passionate care for every detail. Not many know that Costy is also a video director, he uses the site as if it was a stage and his videos are real masterpieces that tell the enthusiasm and passion for wooden buildings. InnovHousing chooses only the best.


Structural Technologist and Business Developer

Martina is a Structural Technologist and Business Developer based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

She has over 9 years’ experience working in engineering consultancies with exposure to large scale projects. Following her passion for new building technologies and Mass Timber in particular she did an internship at a CLT company in North Italy as part of her practical experience for a Post Graduate Executive Program focussed on Export Management & Entrepreneurship.

Martina joined Innovhousing with the ambition to help drive the adoption of Mass Timber in South Africa and is responsible for the procurement and project management for the Y Timber project at the George Campus of Nelson Mandela University.



Alessandro is an architect based in Trento and active also in Milan and Como. After graduating at the University of Trento University, he earned a post graduate degree in BIM-Managment from Politecnico di Milano. Alessandro started his career as a professional architect in 2011. In 2017 he founded BIM-FARM, to support customers in BIM process implementations. He plays a key role in the IH teamwork,  acting as  a functional interface with the stuctural engineers, given his interests in architectural design and digitalisation. He is responsible for architectural design and procurement.



Daniel lives and works between Argentina and Italy. In Misiones Province, Argentina, he leads a project to build a sustainable village for the Guaranì people.

He thinks and designs in wood. He has an ongoing collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture in Turin to improve the course framework for the study of Cross Laminated Timber.


Communication Designer

Marina is a communication designer and art director originally from Milan, now based in Cape Town.

She has a wide experience in Italian, South African and international brand communication. She aims to inspire, inform, and captivate customers, through appealing visuals and effective online brand image.

Marina has been responsible for the creation of our website and for Innovhousing visual concepts.