Materials & Tech

Innovhousing provides a building consistency thanks to the best combination of materials and technologies for achieving fast, reliable and durable results.

CLT is a structural framework on which other high performance materials and elements are attached. The aim is not merely to increase sound-proofing and thermal insulation benefits, but mostly to achieve a systemic consistence, avoiding thermal bridges, crackings, mold, breakings, quite commonly present in conventional building in which a comparable care is inexisitent, giving way to exorbitant maintenance costs.

Technology is taking us toward a world of interactions and efficiencies, but only through a dedicated functional and aesthetic coherence, we can reach the art of assemblage.
All our materials and equipment – each one, an essential part of a final result – are designed  selected and tested following the principals of coherence and through “the art od assemblage”, turned into a unique value.
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