Great Design Potential

InnovHousing has choosen CLT also for its design flexibility.

It can be used for an entire building or any combination of wall, floor/ceiling and roof applications. Its light weight and other characteristics make it highly adaptable to different types of projects on any kind of soil. CLT panels are ideal for use in large and uninterrupted areas of floors, walls and roofs to support a range of out-of-plane (and in-plane) bending loads and in plane shear loads. CLT elements can also be combined with other building materials, enabling flexibility in design, style and finish architecture. When field modifications are needed, one of the advantages of CLT over materials such as precast concrete is that changes can be made on site with simple tools. The addition to the CLT structure of other materials coming from different technologies makes the design potential even more coherent in terms of lay-out solutions, a greater use of natural light to increase comfort and well-being.

It also allows an optimized installation of the latest generation equipment such as home automation, the adoption of water saving systems and off-grid power generation.