Energy & Water Management

InnovHousing building system is based on two main concepts:


to protect and seal the building by minimising energy waste near to zero

and increasing well-being assuring a stable inside temperature and a constant ventilation. 


to outfit the building with proper installation systems:

• producing off-grid energy and minimise its consumption at the same time

• cutting water consumption and increasing its recycling


While point A is related to the passive role, point B is about the active point.
The active point aims to give independence back to the building and its owner from external sources.

InnovHousing supplies on demand:

an integrated and fully automated system from PV panels to an innovative energy storage, enabling the building to stay constantly off-grid and in case of any anomaly to be automatically reconnected to the main source

an innovative in-house water recycling system collecting the used water from showers, washbasins and washing machines, and then cleaning and disinfecting it and hence releasing it again into the system and so recycling the 85% of the water coming from the grid.