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We adopt solutions that combine the client’s highest needs with the demand to protect the environment.


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Our Latest Beautiful, Multifunctional
& Really Green project.


is an organic


engeneering and



that combines the best performing technology with the least possible carbon footprint.
The most innovative materials and technologies are combined to give way to a new demand for alternative, healthier, really sustainable and attractive sites that foster an organic interaction between humans and nature.


InnovHousing applies dry construction methods in designing and delivering buildings; no water is used on site and concrete is limited to the foundations.

With the following advantages:

Our Latest News

Durability as a Design Criteria

Durability as a Design Criteria

Are buildings everlasting? Unfortunately not.  They, too, get sick and sometimes die. The previous article of this series dealt with how design and use of solid wood can create value in a building, through design flexibility.  This time we will try to understand how...

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We are the future in construction


  • Integrated Process

  • Innovation

  • Fast & Precise Delivery

  • Customisation

  • Beautiful & Functional Buildings

Integrated Process

 An integrated process that develops itself from the design to the final delivery. An integrated responsibility: one partner, one solution.


Materials and methods applied are the result of a cutting-edge technology achieved by constant relationship with the research world from universities and selected suppliers.

Fast & Precise Delivery

Integration and innovation lead to a high speed process without equal in construction industry. Dry construction enables material implementation without fragmenting the building process: either avoiding idle time for the concrete structure to dry up, or for poor syncronization occurring from different actors gathering on site.


InnovHousing has nothing to do with old prefabrication concepts and standardized elements, it has the capability to design whatever building you wish giving no limitation to your requirements  or aesthetics.

Beautiful & Functional Buildings

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in structural terms has extraordinary potential, progressing far beyond traditional materials such concrete and steel. Building structures are not anymoreconfined into predictable grids. Conversely they can expand now into new spaces and give way to new designing capabilities.



 Interaction between customer and Innovhousing is the point for every project and
co-creation becomes the necessary dialogue to get to the end of a perfect design.


It is the logical outcome of a good project consultancy and of a selected supply chain. In dry construction it evolves in assembly where all the parts become the final One.


Innovhousing has turned suppliers into partners, and we constantly engage with our partners to deliver the best solution to our customers.


Everything lies in a complete and exhaustive design and in an industrialized process to deliver fast and with a precise date. We get the best of time from the beginning throughout the entire process.

Our Team

Teamwork is a strategic decision.
A team it’s not just about getting on well together, it combines individual strengths and skills with a shared commitment to performance.
Innovhousing choice was to aim at the most qualified people who had the same vision and giving them the opportunity to work together.
This is the only way for us to create a unique value proposition.


founder & CEO


structural engineer


wood connoisseur & assembler

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